The company Credit Report Srl evolved through different business transformations.
In 2004 Marco Baraldi, the current funding partner of Credit Report Srl, following the achievements attained as a bailiff is granted with a license for private investigations and business information activity (art.134 Tulps), and shifts its core business to the provision of information to clients on companies and privates' economic and financial situation and/or assets and liabilities as well as on the said companies' and persons' soundness, creditworthiness and reliability.

In 2009 the firm specializes in verifying the existence of other assets and claims owned by a debtor that can be attached, both for debt recovery agencies and for the industrial sector.
Since then it became Credit Report, a sole proprietorship company which earns a license for a new sector: credit collection recovery (art. 115 Tulps).

The two branches combined provided unexpected results and were officially merged in 2012 with the creation of the fully licensed Credit Report Srl, a sole-shareholder company.

The wealth of expertise in tracing and evaluating debtors, whether they are private citizens or companies, and the multiple experience in credit recovery encouraged to access new services and permitted to reach unique results.

To date the company pursues debt collection activities for private companies and multi utilities societies and provides investigative reports. Each year it manages a large number of claims, and often large sums.

Credit Report offers a range of collection services to businesses and organisations which includes tracing, debt purchase, outsourced collections as well as litigation.

We have a customer services team who have trained, friendly staff on board to help you with the most suitable option for your investment, for the best performance on the market.

Quotations for services can be obtained from Credit Report directly.
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