Credit recovery

Through our two expertise, investigative services and debt collection activities, we have a holistic approach to the whole process of credit recovery in outsourcing.

Our solid structured organization and our innovative methodology, always updated with new technologies, allows us to find the best custom-fit solutions for our clients, allowing them to save time and money and allowing us to become a trusted partner.

We deal with every kind of outstanding payment, across a variety of industries, crossing different fields and markets, always with a high performance level.

In order to maintain our client's brand image and safeguard its reputation we have developed effective debt collection procedures modelled on the corporate compliance department's directives.

All inbound and outbound calls recorded for quality control.

Credit Report Srl is a reference for:

- B2B and B2C;
- Utilities;
- Public administration;
- Financial and banking;
- Leasing;
- NPL and receivables;


First of all we check and update the debtor's data and subsequently we proceed with a dunning letter, to a phone collection mediation phase, which includes messages, e-communications and WhatsApp assistance, another collection letter phase, a site visit if needed. All our collectors are briefed on our client's brand. Letters and tone of voice can be modelled on the brand's image.


We try to find legally binding solutions to disputed claims.

It is a new and exclusive service that we offer in collaboration with a network of specialists. We assure the corporate compliance and aim to the industry best practices.
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We strive to provide the best service and we are committed to treating people fairly even when a claim needs a more persuasive approach.
Our credit collectors for the NPL market are backed by our internal legal factory.


We intervene legally for third parties with effective actions. Engaging Credit Report Srl to manage legal and insolvency processes means trusting a reliable partner who will help you to determine the right course of action in legal and insolvency processes. Through our investigative reports and with the assistance of our established network of lawyers and insolvency practitioners we will pursue a case only where there is a real prospect of recovery.
Our first evaluation phase is mandatory for reducing costs and saving time.
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