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Informative services

Following the difference between business information and investigative information, our company provides different types of reports.

Our company was born as an investigative agency and therefore is aware of all the distinctions of the different services of information, in terms of costs and contents..

Pre litigation business information.
Those reports are produced through the consultation of public databases listed in the Chambers of Commerce. Usually those databases are checked autonomously: with a small investment our clients can verify the financial background and the economic reliability of their business partners.
One of the main problems of credit recovery which appears both in outsourcing or in house collection, consists of not knowing the key components of one's business partner (headquarters, names of the legal representatives, prejudicial interferences,... ), which frustrates the debt collection activity.

Post litigation business information.
. The work to be done is very different when it comes to discover whether there are assets and claims owned by a debtor that can be attached. Contents and costs of these reports are higher than the above mentioned. Those reports are analyzed by our professionals and are key elements when the moment comes to evaluate a legal action, in order to save useless legal costs whether the scenario is negative.

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